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#1 LSA Rank Tracker to Track Your Keywords on Local Search Ads

We track your keywords’ positions in Google LSA and help you increase your qualitative traffic from local search ads.

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Our Core Features

Monitor your rankings

Boost your performance on LSA

Geo Grid Mapping

Get a birds eye view of your town

Competitor Tracking

Learn what your competitors are doing

Marketshare Analysis

Discover who is getting the majority of the local marketshare on LSA

Local SEO Community

Learn from our resident Local SEO Experts

Transparency Tech

Learn who is using fake reviews on LSA

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Grow your business with better LSA insights

Track your keywords

Get a bird's eye view of your LSA spend and how you rank on different keywords, as well as what you can do to improve existing rankings.

Uncover competitor Ad Spend

Find out how much your competitors are spending based on their rankings.

Review Count Tracking

We'll tell you which 5 competitors got the most reviews in your marketplace.

GeoGrid Maps

Love GeoGrid Maps for local SEO? You'll love them even more for LSA.

Local SEO Community

Join our community and uncover LSA secrets

Marketplace Analysis

Get a birdeye view of your local LSA marketplace and what % of marketshare your getting.

Why Choose Us?


We make it easy to start tracking keywords on LSA.


We're a community of knowlegeable Local SEO Experts.


We love to make our customers 100% satisfied.

We Work With the Best in Our Industry

The most trusted LSA Ranking platform

What You Will Not Get

  • Unreliable data
  • Bad LSA Advice
  • Terrible Customer Service

What You Will Get

  • Powerful LSA Ranking tools
  • Competitor Ad Spend Data
  • Access to incredible local SEO community

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Frequently asked questions

Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions

How does it work?

It works by repeatedly quering keywords that trigger LSA Ad displays, which we measure and analyze. We query the keywords every 2-3 minutes, so we can measure rank change as if we were a local consumer researching professionals.

Is it reliable data?

We've worked hard to make sure each query is unique, and not coming from the same IP address. This way, you get the freshest rankings every few minutes.

What is the advantages of using this platform?

There are 3 main advantages to using this platform. You can start your journey of ranking to the top, by understanding how you currently rank against your competitors throughout the day. LSA is based on a few ranking factors, but the allowance of budget is one of the biggest. We can help you get more spend and more clients.

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